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From the player that redefined statement making, this is the Under Armour Cam Highlight MC. Form-fitting CompFit™ ankle construction provides a snug, supportive feel for an extra boost of speed without requiring the extra weight of a brace. Upper is lightweight chrome synthetic that is sleek and comfortable. 3D molded tongue is integrated into the construction for an ultra-comfortable fit. Carbon support wings lock in your heel so your foot remains stable throughout changes in direction. Footbed is made of UA's molded 4D Foam®, prized for its ability to form to the foot, drastically reducing the discomfort of cleat pressure. Outsole is a blend of carbon and ultra-strong Pebax® that delivers an incredibly lightweight structure. Secondary cleat studs are designed to engage during cuts for explosive acceleration. Good for both natural and synthetic surfaces. Wt. 10.2 oz.
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